04 August 2023




Federal Member for Blair Shayne Neumann has slammed the Greens Party for its opposition to the Albanese Labor Government’s $10 billion housing fund and called on them to back the legislation in Parliament or risk making the housing crisis worse.

The Government reintroduced the Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF) Bill in the lower house of Parliament this week after it failed to pass the Senate in June.

If it is rejected again when it goes back to the Senate in October, the Government will have the option of calling a double dissolution election, where all lower house MPs and all Senators face re-election.

Mr Neumann said the minor party was in an unholy alliance with the Coalition to block the legislation.

He said with 17 people moving to Ipswich every day, the HAFF – and the 30,000 new social and affordable homes it will deliver – was absolutely vital for his electorate of Blair.

“Ipswich is the fastest growing region in Queensland and one of the fastest growing areas in the country.

“Ipswich will grow from 247,000 to 530,000 people over the next two decades. We’re getting 17 people a day coming to the city, which is creating massive housing and rental stress.

“We’re on the frontline when it comes to the housing crisis. We need more safe, secure, affordable housing. We’re seeing more and more people sleeping rough.

“We know insecure housing can be stressful and makes it hard to get ahead, while a secure roof over your head changes your life and sets you up for a better future. It gives you the opportunity to choose a career, start a family and plan for the future.

“We’re giving the Greens and the LNP an opportunity to stop playing politics and support a $10 billion housing fund for Australians in need.

“The time is up for the Greens to stop preening and posing and posturing on this and vote for the Bill. We can’t afford to waste a single day,” Mr Neumann said.

Recent data showed Ipswich suburbs with young families, such as Pine Mountain, were among the most mortgage and rental stressed in the state, and even before the current crisis, there were about 1,000 people sleeping rough in the city.

Returns from the HAFF will deliver the Government’s commitment of 30,000 new social and affordable homes in the fund’s first five years, including 4,000 homes for women and children impacted by family and domestic violence or older women at risk of homelessness.

The fund will also deliver funding to help address acute housing needs, including in the fund’s first five years:    

  • $200 million for the repair, maintenance and improvement of housing in remote Indigenous communities;  
  • $100 million for crisis and transitional housing options for women and children impacted by family and domestic violence and older women at risk of homelessness; and   
  • $30 million to build housing and fund specialist services for veterans who are experiencing homelessness or at‑risk of homelessness.