03 August 2016

The election result in the Federal seat of Blair was officially declared on Tuesday by the Australian Electoral Commission; with the count of the Blair Poll showing Labor’s Shayne Neumann now has a margin of 8.9 per cent.

Mr Neumann attended the Australian Electoral Commission’s official declaration in Ipswich today, which indicated a swing of over 3.6 per cent to the sitting Member.

“I am humbled by the support shown to me by the people of Ipswich and the Somerset Region,” Mr Neumann said.

“I could not have done this without the hard work and dedication of so many volunteers and supporters.

“This result shows how important it is to keep in touch with local people and local issues. And I will continue to do that through this next term."

Mr Neumann will this term take on the role of Shadow Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, as part of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’ s new front bench team.

“I am honoured to have been called upon once again by Bill Shorten and the Labor Caucus to serve in the Shadow Cabinet.

“I am certainly looking forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead in my new portfolio, and contributing to sensible and respectful debate in this space.”

Mr Neumann praised the work of the Australian Electoral Commission locally, saying they worked hard to maintain the democratic process.

“Unlike many parts of the world, Australian elections are carried out without one shot being fired, and governments change with peace and stability.

“A lot of that is due to the great work of the AEC. They are dedicated to ensuring we all understand our rights, to keeping the rolls up to date and to making our elections transparent and efficient.”

Mr Neumann once again hit the ground running in this new term, having conducted his first mobile office the weekend following the July 2 election.

“I’ve been out across the electorate visiting local schools and meeting with community leaders in the weeks since the July 2 poll, and I have certainly enjoyed getting out there thanking people for their support and trust once again.

“I’ve met with the Ipswich City Council, the Somerset Regional Council and community groups from across Blair in the weeks since the election, as I’m focused on fighting to ensure our region receives federal funding for the things that matter and the projects that are needed.”

Federal Parliament is due to resume sitting in Canberra on August 30.


Shayne Neumann at the AEC with staff and volunteers

Shayne with his staff and volunteers